In the monastery you will be safe until you see the archers

Published on 07/09,2021

If you don't fallback you will be killed by a mysterious force. But when you do fallback you may see all the archers and monks on the other side of the river getting prepared to RuneScape Gold assist you endure for 5 minutes. Survive for 5 minutes and then you will be told to get across the river, which means you win! Monks are the people who are responsible for preparing the monastery on the opposite side of this river to get assault. You will be told to run down into the Masoleum. When you get down with another monk you will see 3 vampire assassins sneaking in. Grab the garlic on the shelf next to you and allow the vampires come around the corner. Attack the vampires together with the garlic. One will endure, but he is hurt by the garlic and your bible. Tell the other monk to take him into the monastery and begin to question him. While your down from the Masoleum, then you need to discover a bucket of water along with some other 3 stones. You will enchant them with your bible and set them in the entry to Myortania. When you have completed that run upstairs, then you may observe boulders flying over head. These are out of vampire catapults which are attempting to destroy the monastery. Dodge the boulders and get to the monastery. In the monastery you will be safe until you see the archers. When you see that the archers you and the remaining monks will operate out. Once at the river, help the couple archers create build the little bridge. Following the warriors start running back, you'll be advised to get on top of the cliff and begin to bless the arrows of the archers. When everyone is at the Salve you will have 5 minutes to survive. Throughout that 5 minutes you are in a position to pick up anything that is dropped from Buy RS Gold the people in your side. Archers are given 25 blessed arrows, monks are given a sword they are assume to bless for themselves, and they're awarded garlic.

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