Prince Ali told me to get your keys

Published on 07/19,2021

Getting Ali's Key. Visit Prince Ali in jail. Hello! Unfortunately, if I speak I'll be found. I am not able to RuneScape Gold talk at the moment. Get rid of all guards surrounding Ali's cell. Contact him again. Thank you! If it wasn't for you I couldn't have talked at all. Where is your key? What Key? The Key. Roald and Lathas have one as well, and Varce told me you would too. That's the one! The High Priest from Sophanem was the one who took mine. He said that "I wasn't fit to carry it". Soon after I was taken captive by these horid people! Talk to the high priest. You must make "Connections" with him, I'm sure. Visit the High Priest after you have completed Contact! Welcome Adventurer! What can I do to help you? Prince Ali told me to get your keys. It's of paramount importance. Gilenor is in dire need of these three keys. They're returning with the Chalice of Eternity... and the Demonic Gladiators... Your pathetic problems can be moved elsewhere. You'll need "other" ways to get it. This is the reason I suggest that you have the prerequisites of Theiving. Therefore, right click and then click Pickpocket High Priest. Now you have three keys! You will need to give 40 times the required amount of money to receive the key. Pay attention below. The Air Gladiator is the First. He can be found close to the Air Ruins. Make use of the blade, and you will go to his lair. Each key you lose is lost every time you use your sword with Ruins. To take on this monster, you'll need the level 50 of Buy OSRS Gold Attack, Strength and Defense. Visit the Air Ruins in Falador, and use the sword to kill it.

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